Safety always

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)

HIS (HK) Ltd is at the forefront of SHEQ compliance, innovation and best practice.

The safety of our colleagues, clients and stakeholders is at the heart of everything we do. Our safety management system is certified by SGS, and the British Safety Council recently awarded us five-stars for safety. We are committed to protecting the environment inside and outside our working areas.

Our behavioural safety programme supports staff to create safe and environmentally friendly working environments. We also encourage staff to take part in our SHEQ programmes.

All workers must follow the core principles laid out in our code of conduct and employee handbooks. 

These include:

Zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol

Wear PPE as required

Keep your work area tidy

Dispose of waste appropriately

Safety innovations

OHSAS 18001
System Certification
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Safety web
UK Safety tour and safety expo learning about best practice
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